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Every onshore & offshore location; Safe, Reliable and Sustainable

Making a lighting design requires insight and is not something you can do only from time to time!

After more than 15 years in the harsh and hazardous lighting market and many great projects and challenges ahead, we see that the importance of a professional and detailed lighting design is increasing. 

Safety of the people working at a plant, reduction of maintenance costs and reduction of global Co² emissions are big issues. A detailed lighting design can make a huge contribution to these points. The creation of a lighting design involves good positioning and providing the right circumstances for easy maintenance.

Innovations like LED and various control techniques Provide more possibilities with both new and existing lighting installations.

Especially in harsh and hazardous environments where installations are often outside and the environmental factors have a big influence on the installation, it is not easy to make an appropriate lighting design.

With our knowledge and many years of experience we have decided to establish International Lighting Experts B.V. We put all our passion and enthusiasm into our lighting designs to contribute to safe, reliable and sustainable working environment for both onshore and offshore applications.

We work together with the whole chain (end users, engineering offices, installers, wholesalers, lighting manufacturers and distributors)

We look forward to adding value and providing our experience to your project as well!


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